Building a Family Legacy

BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY gives parents and entire churches the vision, desire, and helpful resources to inspire families with sound advice and the tools to turn young hearts to Christ. In the process, these films, books and study materials are designed to motivate moms and dads, lifting their families both now and for generations to come.

Building a Family Legacy

Why You Need This Series

If little things mean a lot, our little children mean everything. And Dr. James Dobson’s new BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY series goes both wide and deep to help parents--and churches--seize the season in those young lives. In his career-capping new book, “Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift,” Dr. James Dobson explains what’s at stake. “If a child doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as Savior by age 13,” he writes, “there’s only a ten percent chance that he or she ever will make this commitment.”

From the legendary family advocate who devoted his life to closing gaps between parents and kids, and between us and our Heavenly Father, comes a lifetime of informed wisdom. “Unchanging biblical principles change who we are, and we can pass them to our children, grandchildren and beyond,” Dr. Dobson writes. “Give the highest priority to scriptural training of your sons and daughters, they deserve the best.”

Building a Family Legacy

Series History

In the late 1970s Dr. James Dobson, made a decision that would change his life...and, as it turned out, the lives of millions of moms and dads. Spending huge blocks of time away from his own family, the bestselling and road-worn author of “Dare to Discipline” and “The Strong Willed Child,” decided to get off the road. Wanting to end the travel and spend more time at home, he agreed to capture his final child-rearing speaking series on film. Boom. In the next half decade, in churches across the US and the world, more than 80 million men and women absorbed the teaching and a generation of parents found their footing.

Flash to 2009, when Ryan Dobson (in 1979 a nine-year old illustration to his father’s stories, now himself a new father) blew the dust off a series cassette and popped it in an old VCR. In half an hour he was on the phone. “Dad!” he pressed, “this is great stuff! My friends and I all need this right now! Where can we get it?” And from old tapes and a new dad, the BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY series was...well, reborn.

Building a Family Legacy

Your Legacy Matters

Thank you for allowing BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY to be a source of encouragement on this incredible journey to reclaim the family for God's glory. We trust that the film series, books, and Bible study guides will help you and we pray that you will continue to be inspired every day by Dr. James Dobson's "Family Talk" broadcast.

Family Talk has hundreds of free resources, an engaging newsletter written monthly by Dr. Dobson, a helpful presence on popular social sites, interactive Apps, dedicated customer support, and a seasoned broadcast team that features Dr. Dobson, Ryan Dobson, and Dr. Meg Meeker. Their daily program can be heard on local radio stations and on Family Talk's new website,

Family Talk is committed to helping you build a legacy that matters!

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